Megarack® is a new, modern storage system that provides you with maximal use of warehouse space which results in lower costs of warehouse management. It is the best choice (in accordance with regulations) when capacity requirements have to be met for palletised goods or loose goods.

They are recommended especially for high and medium height racked warehouses with high capacities where goods are stored with forklifts or rack lifts. The racking structure is very rigid and stable, and the reliability and durability of the entire system is guaranteed by quality workmanship and surface protection.

The construction of the racks is extremely stable and rigid and the reliability of the whole system is assured by quality construction and surface protection. The main elements of the racking system are the side frames and pallet beams or metal shelves. Bolted side frames consist of two perforated uprights interconnected with diagonal and horizontal bracing. The capacity of the side beam is dependent on the type (cross-section of beam), height and width of the side beam and the height of capacity, the type and allocation (arrangement) of the connectors and the level of seismic activity of the land that the warehouse is built upon. Levels or pallet or shelve holders can be vertically moved in increments of 50 mm, so that the storage space can be adjusted to current needs. The pallet holders are closed versions and are bolted with angle brackets that ensure solid mounting to the side frame.

The design of the MEGARACK® racking system is based on years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling racking systems in Lendava. Planning of individual elements, details and the whole system is supported by statistical data provided by the Institute of Metal Constructions ‘IMK’ Ljubljana in accordance to the EUROCODE 3, EUROCODE 8 and FEM technical regulation.


Recommended for:

  • storing palletized goods or bulk pieces

  • storing the same or miscellaneous goods

Main technical features:

  • max. load per level 4 t

  • rack field load up to 30 t

  • rack height up to 12 m

  • perforations are made in increments of 50 mm



Wir empfehlen für:

  • Lagerung von Palletenwaren

  • Lagerung von gleichen oder unterschiedlichen Warenarten

Die wichtigsten technischen Merkmale:

  • Belastung des Regalfensters bis zu 4 t

  • Belastung des Regalfelds bis zu 30 t

  • Regalhöhe bis zu 12 m

  • Verstellbarkeit der Palettenträgern oder Regaleinsätzen in Schritten von 50 mm