Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a
key value of our company's business operations.

Collaboration - in the tighter and broader sense.

We work with the tighter and wider community, taking care of all stakeholders within our responsibility. We strive to respond to the day-to-day responsibilities that society, the environment, and every component of our business bring to a better tomorrow.

Responsibility to business partners and customers.

Our company operates strategically, profitably and with clear development goals for the future. Above all, our customers are better served by the efficiency and functionality of their storage facilities, while taking a holistic approach to ensure that each customer receives a uniform treatment.

Transfer of knowledge to younger generations.

An essential part of our strategy is the transfer of knowledge to the younger generations, who will continue our operations, develop new technologies and provide successful results in the future. We provide them with various education and employment opportunities; we present to the youngest generations who visit us how we can take the right and ethical path in relation to the environment and society, which will pave our healthy progress in society.

We realize the needs and interests of the environment.

We encourage local employment and make sure that our employees are a satisfied group that forms a key part of the company and its essence.

We also care about the internal dimension of social responsibility.

The latter refers primarily to the good information of our employees, their active and regular additional education and the provision of a good working environment.