We manufacture stainless steel structures on request.

The experience gained from the realization of several projects of load-bearing structures based on stainless materials was used to extend the existing program to the production of:

  • shelving structures prefabricated, bolt-type versions, as already introduced own systems of shelves Pikorack, Maxirack and Megarack racks.

The production of such products is project-based and, depending on the specificity of the individual requirements in the implementation of the project, applications of individual systems or system details can be used.

Also, newly purchased modern CNC machines offer the ability to process stainless materials in individual technological operations:

  • production of profiles by the process of rolling of sheet metal in the spread ring dimensions up to 350 mm and thickness up to 2.0 mm

  • bending of sheet metal in B x L sheets and thicknesses up to 10 mm in diameter fi 350 - fi 2,500 mm

  • welding of complex assemblies with welding bracket technology for longitudinal and radial welding

  • mechanical processing with milling-drilling is carried out at request.


Recommended for:

  • food or pharmaceutical or chemical industry

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Wir empfehlen für:

  • für die Bedürfnisse der Lebensmittel, pharmazeutischen oder chemischen Industrie