Personal approach
Our own production and projective design enable us to provide our customers with the best solutions with excellent value for money.



30-year warranty
The high level of flexibility is achieved mainly through our own production, which enables us to produce custom-designed products. This is why we also provide a 30-year spare parts warranty.

Renovation according to standard 15635
The SIST EN 15635 standard for the maintenance of shelving structures places the responsibility of safe use onto the warehouse user. Periodic and annual professional inspections are required.

4 Reasons why you will be more successful with us

Idea - production - assembly

Do you have an idea and need expert advice as well as production and assembly? We provide all in one place!

At Artex, we offer you one-stop-shop solutions for all your ideas for efficient use of storage facilities with our comprehensive solutions. Fast, easy and successful. In doing so, we also provide you with top-notch advice, relieving you of your worries and saving you money and time.

Ideja proizvodnja montaža
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The best QUALITY of production

For our products we have appropriate specialized modern equipment and tools, which guarantees a constant high level of quality to our products. Proof of high quality, constant improvements and optimal control is an ISO certificate obtained in early 2008.

At Artex, we are constantly following new development guidelines in the field of storage equipment, constantly investing in new machinery and improving the quality of production with quality materials and procedures.


Our own production and design, as well as assembly, allow us to fully adapt to the requirements and expectations of our customers, since we operate independently of other subcontractors, suppliers... The high level of flexibility is achieved mainly through our own production, which is not standardized/typified and allows custom-built products to be made.

We have our own design department that uses professionally relevant software (such as Autocad and Prosteel) and has a high level of required knowledge, which guarantees us high quality project design.

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We respect deadlines

At Artex, we have been known for many years as a reliable partner, who strictly adheres to the agreements that have been agreed upon, including compliance with the agreed deadlines.

We manage to provide an extremely high level of assurance of deadlines with the help of a top-notch project management system, where nothing is left to chance.

Our products and services

With many years of experience in the field of design, production and assembly of warehouse equipment, we help our customers to succeed in warehousing. In doing so, we help our customers, in particular, to improve the efficiency and functionality of storage facilities.


We are trusted by many Slovenian and foreign companies


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